Case Studies

ImageA joint software solution from Vela Systems and Tekla Corporation tracks more than 3,200 precast concrete panels to improve supply chain visibility.

ImageFaced with a tight deadline and no in-house 3D modelling skills, Architecture & Design Services took a leap of faith by adopting a new product suite of MicroGDS and Piranesi. Learning the technology from scratch it delivered its artistic concepts in just two weeks.

ImageNew design concept balances environmental, economic, and social criteria for Wyevale Garden Centres

ImageA new state-of-the-art cleanroom environment at Southampton University is providing students and visitors with a glimpse into the normally hidden world of microscopic engineering.

ImageFrank Gehry

ImageA pilot of the pioneering IES SketchUp integration causes excitement about sustainable design at Broadway Malyan.

ImageUsing 3D printing technology from Z Corporation, a German architecture firm famous for building state-of-the-art Formula 1 race circuits can now create precision 3D colour models of new building concepts and proposed track layouts.

ImageBDSP Partnership uses a 3D model-based approach to create coherent, easily communicated building services designs for even the most complex buildings.

ImageMetalwork company Littlehampton Welding creates unusual and complex structures with Tekla Structures Building Information Modelling software.

ImageBuilding blast standards reviewed for safety Finite-Element Analysis software could augment construction guidelines for steel structures.

ImageStruCad and StruM.I.S .NET combine to deliver the highest project in England and Wales – The Summit Building, Mount Snowdon, detailed and fabricated by EvadX.

ImageAutodesk’s Revit Structure is used to create a modern superstructure in the large-scale redevelopment of Pembury Hospital in Tunbridge Wells.

Already having a mature product in terms of its structural steel modelling capabilities, AceCad is pushing its steel fabrication solution forward by introducing more efficient ways of managing the process from drawing office to site, writes Greg Corke.

ImageBentley has just released the latest version of its flagship product, MicroStation, along with a comprehensive portfolio of applications for infrastructure.

ImageJames Pugh of DJD Architects tells how a contemporary interpretation of local influences creates a striking residential scheme for Bexhill-on-Sea.

ImageAmsterdam-based architectural firm 3D Blueprint is using Building Information Modelling to build better and at lower cost through effective co-operation.

ImageLondon design firm Squint/Opera has been tripping the light fantastic at New York

ImageWith the help of advanced analysis software, microclimate simulation studies are having an increased impact on the design process.

ImageHenning Larsen Architects in Denmark is pioneering the use of 3D printing to create detailed models at all stages of the design process.

ImageLondon-based Marks Barfield architects is using Gehry Technologies Digital Project (DP) technology to enhance tourist attractions in this iconic world city.